The Rune Cutter (out to agents):

“The skalds say that it was Njal himself who gave man the runes, that he strengthened the fields with them so they would grow crops despite Ijorf’s icy grip, that he calmed the waves with runes so that we could sail upon them…”

The gods Njal and Ijorf have fought for their parents’ favor and the control of mankind for many ages. Their story is cyclical and subtly influences the decisions of the men and women who recite the myths—a dying chief, his exiled wife, his cursed daughter and his egotistical son among others. When Oddi, the ward of the hold’s priestess, and Svanhild, the daughter of the chief, are drawn into the cycle, they are forced to confront the worst of their own natures and the most harmful traditions of the hold. When outside enemies also threaten to destroy the hold, Oddi and Svanhild find their world crumbling. They must save themselves, and, in doing so, save all those that they care for—and perhaps a god as well.

Rex Quondam (in progress)